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It's Sheryl Mann here.  icon smile About Sheryl

A big HELLO to you!  Thanks so much for visiting my blog! 

Let me tell you a bit about me, why I created this blog and how it will help you achieve your goals and create the dream life you desire so deeply.

I'm in love with marketing, particularly on the internet.  I love the psychology of it.  I love the mystery of what makes people click to buy or say yes to an offer.

I love the diversity of all the bits and pieces that make many people run crying that it's too complicated!  My favorite thing to do is take the complicated and make it easy and that's what I offer you here.

And yes, I do love the exhilerating freedom of having an online business working from my country home with my feet kicked up and my schedule wide open…

My Story Up To Now…

I've had a colorful and diverse series of careers starting with being a chiropractor many years ago.  I absolutely LOVED being a chiropractor, but a severe shoulder injury put me out of practice unexpectedly at a very young age after only 8 years in practice. That catapulted me into the world of business outside of the healing arts.  After losing an income of about $340,000 a year almost overnight after my torn rotator cuff injury, I became obsessed with creating residual or passive income.  Income that would NOT go away if I lost my ability to work again. 

So I went into real estate investing and being a rental landlord and a rehabber for about 6 years.  I found that it was NOT my cup of tea and that it would take many, many years to become profitable and create the residual income so freely promised in the real estate investing world.. 

I sold all my properties and literally stumbled into Network Marketing while looking for something to help me feel better after menopause dealt me a poor hand leaving me with a ton of mood, sleep and pain issues.  Long story short, I found Mannatech and the product Ambrotose and became a new woman!  I have spent the last 9 years with Mannatech as a leader, trainer, coach and health consultant with Mannatech and have had a fantastic journey.

My marketing passion has lead me to delve deeper into internet marketing to create additional passive income vehicles and that is why I created this blog.  I know that there are many others like me who have worked in the professions, who may be retiring soon, but who are looking for a more free lifestyle than the 12-16 + hour days that can come with a bricks and mortar business, professional business.  You can become a slave to an appointment book. 

Taste the freedom of working from home with just a phone and a laptop and there is no going back.

I am committed to and in the process of creating multiple, easy, profitable, automated income streams and want to share them with YOU! 

I've found as I've studied internet marketing and affiliate marketing, that many teachers leave parts of the strategies OUT!  I won't assume they are doing it on purpose so you don't compete with them.  Let's assume they just miss them or they don't know how to teach systematically and completely.  Follow my journey and my video trainings and posts and I promise you I will ALWAYSS bring you the world's best, most up-to-date secrets, tips, tools, training programs and strategies to help you join me in this fun online business world! 

Why AwakenedMarketer.com? 

My blog and my training is of course available to ALL who find it.  Entrepreneurs, Network Marketers, Affiliate Marketers, Solopreneurs, Infopreneurs, Bloggers, Internet Marketers, Retiring or Retired Professionals, Wellness Practitioners, Online Store Owners… Well, regarding being an "Awakened Marketer", I believe those who are conscious, present and  "awakened" to that which is beyond the seen and to reading between the lines of people and of life, are destined to find each other. 

Many of are guided by an unquietable intuition, universal/God connection and expanded thought to lead us and I'm looking to connect with YOU, the spiritual entrepreneur, the highly sensitive person, the intuitive empath, the conscious creator.  We know that we experience the world in a very different way and we recognize each other.  You are HOME at my blog.

Please make sure and OPT IN to receive my video and blog updates and trainings, which I promise will be very valuable to you! 

If you ever like what you learn, read or see, please feel free to


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That's how we'll get to know each other.  I WANT to hear from YOU!

I am honored to have you as my colleague and friend and eagerly look forward to getting to know you, to share with you, to learn from you and to grow our million dollar businesses together!



PS oh yeah… now and then I sell some stuff on this blog.  I will only recommend things to you that I'm using and know are good OR that someone I know very well has recommended.  I do the footwork and research for you.  Anytime we buy anything in this life, a lot of people make money from it and we have no idea who they are.  I'm just letting you know that I might make a couple bucks if you click some of my links and for that I am MOST GRATEFUL!  That's called making a living using affiliate marketing, network marketing or online marketing.

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  • Cammykempf

    Wow, Just when I think you covered it all…. Sheryl AWAKES us to a new aveune of communication. Here’s an organic apple to my favorite teacher. Keep on rockin!
    Cammy Kempf, IN.

    • http://www.awakenedmarketer.com Sheryl Mann

      Cammy, Thanks so much for being the first person to view and appreciate my story of my journey up to now.  I absolutely love the art, psychology and science of marketing and want to share it with every entrepreneur on the planet.  Once we master marketing, we can become successful in ANY business.