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[YouTube Tutorial] 3 Super Easy Ways to Make a YouTube Video (it’s easier than you think)

I hear a lot of people saying that they can't make videos to market or promote their businesses.  Let me see, what are some of their comments?

  • People aren't interested in what I have to say.
  • I need to lose weight first
  • I don't know how to do it
  • I don't have a camera
  • What if I look silly?
  • I don't know what to talk about
  • I don't have the right clothes
  • It looks hard to do
  • I'm not good looking enough
  • I'm too old
  • I'm not tech savvy
  • I might make a mistake
  • I'm too private
  • I'll be embarrassed
  • I'm too shy…

And the list goes on and on.

Recognize any of these excuses?  You know they're excuses, right?

Check out this video to see exactly HOW you can make a quick YouTube video for your YouTube Channel, your blog posts etc.

3 Super Easy Ways to Make a YouTube Video (it's easier than you think)

I look forward to seeing YOUR videos! 

Go down in the comment section and let me know what you think about the whole topic and if you've done a video, make sure you post your link so we can come watch it and comment! Also, remember to subscribe to my channel and if you like the video, I'd sure appreciate if you share it with your friends and click LIKE!

Sheryl Mann

PS. this was my 2nd video ever.  I didn't die.  icon smile [YouTube Tutorial] 3 Super Easy Ways to Make a YouTube Video (its easier than you think)

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Digital Downtime And The Art Of Blogging

Interesting article by Marko Saric of Reading this made reminded me how vital being in the silence is to creativity and contribution.  Think about turning EVERYTHING off for even a day… your computer, your cell, your landline, your TV, no talking to anyone, not even your dog, no reading, no writing, no music, no radio… NOTHING BUT YOU.  Marko did it for 10 days.  See what he learned.



Digital Downtime And The Art Of Blogging

I ended 2010 and started 2011 by taking some digital downtime to participate in a 10-day Vipassana meditation course. Vipassana encourages students to disconnect, focus on their breathing and their body, and to generally live in the moment.

I will not go into detail about the meditation itself. If curious please check out Celestine Chua’s blog post. That post introduced me to Vipassana more than a year ago so thanks Celestine!

Noble silence and complete disconnection

The meditation retreat was located in the rural England, in a remote area near Hereford. Two very interesting details about the retreat are:

  • Complete disconnection. There was no Internet, no computers, no TV and no radio. If you had a mobile phone, books, magazines, or a notebook and pen with you, it was all locked up until the end of the course.
  • Noble silence. Every student had to practice the noble silence which meant that you couldn’t communicate with anyone at the course. No talking, no hand signals, no physical contact – nothing at all.

These two points meant the total disconnection from the “distractions” of the mind that we spend most of our time on in our daily lives:

  • No communication with other people
  • No Internet surfing
  • No writing
  • No reading
  • No consuming media

You are left all alone with your mind and the noise in your head!

Reflections and forward planning

Spending 10 days being disconnected, I have found that having no distractions relieves stress and fosters creativity.

When you find yourself in a situation without any of the usual distractions, your mind tends to wander. You will notice that it looks back and ahead, reflects and plans forward. It concentrates on these areas:

  • Past experiences
  • Future hopes and expectations
  • Good times
  • Bad times

All this thinking is great because it gives a clear image of where you have been, what you have achieved, where you are now and where you want to be in the short-term or long-term future.

Another great thing by taking the digital downtime is that you reflect on the differences between the day without distractions and a normal day in your life.

From content consumer to producer

I found that I didn’t miss activities I spent quiet a bit of time on in my daily life. In a normal week I spend hours doing some activities, but while being disconnected I found that my life was no different with or without them.

When I got back, I spent some time optimizing my daily schedule.

I realized that my Google Reader had gotten so cluttered with different sites I subscribed to over the years. It took me quiet some time to go through the feed daily. The result was that I became a content consumer and stopped being a content producer.

The action I took was that I unsubscribed from some feeds that did not bring anything valuable to my life. This will save me hours every week, which I now can put into writing blog posts or working on some other projects that will bring me closer to the place where I want to be.

This was just one example of what I figured out while being disconnected and how that will shape my future work.

Your turn to take action

Reading about people taking actions and getting closer to their goals is inspirational and very good, but it is nothing unless the advice and experiencing it yourself.

Only by taking action you will be able to get the benefits in your life and only that will get you closer to your future goals. Consider doing this:

  • Disconnect for a few days (my 10 days is a bit extreme but a weekend sounds very manageable to most)
  • No Internet, no phone, no TV, no reading material, no contact with people… nothing except you and your mind!
  • Just relax and let your mind wander
  • Think about your current situation
  • How did you get where you are? What worked well? What can be improved?
  • Think about where you want to be in the near or in the long term future
  • Think about which steps you will have to take to get there
  • Start acting on the steps

Bound to become more focused and more successful

Internet is a great place that gave all of us many opportunities to realize our dreams but Internet is also a place where you can easily waste your precious time on mindless surfing, reading, chatting, watching and playing.

It is very important to be able to disconnect from time to time, relax and think about your situation, your dreams and the actions you will have to take to reach those dreams.

Doing this, you are bound to become more focused and more successful!


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Setting up a WordPress Blog Was More Complex Than My First Year in Chiropractic College

Way back in the dinosaur age, circa 1980 or so, when I first started Chiropractic College, my education was all laid out for me, step-by-step, a brilliant curriculum.  Courses all layered and positioned in sequence. 

Our class at that time was only 36 people, so instead of us going from room to room, we all sat planted in one room all day and the professors came to us each hour (except for the clinical or anatomy classes)  Everything was orchestrated with perfect precision, planning and thought.  Nothing was left out.  Every topic layered on the last one to create a rich, textured education and skill base.

We had to wear ties for Anatomy Lab

Take our first quarter anatomy lab for example.  We were assigned to be in teams of 6, each team assigned to one actual human body (cadaver), someone who courageously donated their body to science.  It was a reverent, haunting experience to say the least, especially in the beginning.  Some people fainted, some literally got sick, others were in a kind of shock.  Our anatomy professor was decidedly brilliant, yet a bit strange in that he required us to wear ties every class as a sign of respect for the dead, even the women. But, I digress…

palmer west logo Setting up a Wordpress Blog Was More Complex Than My First Year in Chiropractic College

So, in our first quarter we dissected the skin, muscles and bones… all the limbs. Then, the 2nd quarter, the same blessed being lay awaiting us again to discover all her internal organs.  Twelve weeks systematically removing each organ layer by layer.  Challenging, yet learnable.  Then, the last quarter… our little lady, bless her heart, remained eternally patient as we got to the final precious layers, the brain, spinal cord and nerves.  Each class was like this, step-by-step. 

Now, wouldn't you think something as "trivial" as a darn blog would be easier than Chiropractic College?  Hhmmm.  Now, don't get me wrong, Chiropractic College was VERY challenging and comprehensive.  7-8 years of intense scientific training and clinical work resulting in an extremely rewarding and significant purpose and career.  (I'll tell you my story one day in a future post, why I'm not in practice anymore)

So, why am I telling you this questionably unrelated snippet of trivia in a story about blogging?

Why so many people struggle with online marketing and blogging for business

–> All the training and life experience in the world don't mean diddly squat in the online marketing / blogging world! <–

Any type of intelligence, education, life experience, pedigrees, degrees or initials after your name doesn't bring you any kinda' happiness if you're trying to setup your first blog on your own!  The online training world is a maze of trillions of bits of info in a fairly random explosion.  The step-by-step curriculum is as elusive as the Loch-Ness Monster.

Yes, I know all about the easy, free blogs… and etc.  I've had those before.  Easy, point and click, drop and drag. Instant gratification.  You can easily be set up, posted and published to the world, in an hour! 

So why on earth would someone chose to put up a blog and what's the diff?

OK, here's the scoop. 

TWO types of blogs, HOSTED and SELF-HOSTED

One is a dream, the other can be a nightmare if no one shows you exactly how to do it. What I've found in years of studying and using marketing strategies in my businesses is that it can be very challenging to find someone to train you who tells you THE WHOLE STORY! 

Hhhmmm, now why wouldn't someone tell you the whole story? 

1.  They don't KNOW all the details of what they are teaching

2.  They've never done it in real life, they've only studied it.

3.  They don't want any competition (ie may not really WANT you to succeed)

Now, I'm not sayin' the good guys aren't out there, they are.  They can just be darn hard to find.  My job is to get you in front of the ones who you can trust to help you learn to market your business online to MASSIVE SUCCESS and to deliver top quality, accurate, complete info to you myself as well.  Info you can count on and trust.

So, back to WordPress… why would you choose the nightmare one, you might inquire?

Well, there are pros and cons to both.


On the "self-hosted" blog, it's like you own the property your home sits on.  No one can ever tell you what to do, nor can they kick you out. 

On the "hosted" blog, it's like you're renting the land your house is sitting on.  No yard maintenance or upkeep.  Cool, but they CAN kick you out at any time.  If the host ever finds your material not to their standards or guidelines, they can shut your blog down with no warning.  So, all the brilliant articles you wrote, all the comments and thank you's you got, all the 1000's of fans following you, the great search engine optimization and Alexa ratings you've attained can all be GONE, BYE-BYE, Zippidy-do-dah vanished in an instant and you can't get it back.  EVER. 

Does it happen very often?  Don't know.  But it DOES happen.

But, again, they are EASY and QUICK and FREE TO SET UP.

Blog Platforms 150x150 Setting up a Wordpress Blog Was More Complex Than My First Year in Chiropractic College

Here are a few of the most popular places you can go to get your free blog hosted:

WordPress.COM  (as opposed to SELF-HOSTED WordPress.ORG)

and probably 100's more places

If you're not sure you're going to be a blogger for the rest of your life, start with the easy hosted one.

* TIP – make sure you BACK UP all your posts and documents on your hard drive.  You'd hate all that create work and creativity to be lost.

How to decide which one?

The key differentiating factor between deciding on SELF-HOSTED vs HOSTED is your intent and your budget.  If you're just doing a little blog for friends and family or are just starting blogging for your business and are not sure if you're going to stick with it, HOSTED is for you.

A HOSTED blog if free to set up and run.  If you go with a HOSTED blog, you'll have a couple monthly expenses, your hosting account and your email marketing software and autoresponder program (unless you have another autoresponder system to plug them into already) to capture the emails of your visitors and have automated emails sent to them.

But, if the thought of blogging to the world every week, sharing your insights and wisdom, growing a loyal community makes your hair stand on end with excitement, like it does for me, then a SELF-HOSTED blog is for YOU, baby!  I'll teach you how to do it.  Not just the how-to's, but the why-to's and the behind-the-scenes scoop!

2008 05 18 images mohawk 150x150 Setting up a Wordpress Blog Was More Complex Than My First Year in Chiropractic College

Next post, I'll tell you why in heaven's name you might want to PAY to have a blog and sweat out the process of setting up a (SELF-HOSTED) blog.  Stay tuned! icon smile Setting up a Wordpress Blog Was More Complex Than My First Year in Chiropractic College

Committed to making it easy, fun and profitable for YOU!


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