The Hardest Blog Post You’ll Ever Make

OK, I confess.

I've been sitting here staring literally right through this blank blogpost screen in my WordPress cPanel for more time than I'm willing to confess.  I thought I had a lot to say a few hours ago, but it's like I'm in 1st grade and the teacher asked me to come up and talk in front of the class.  Silence and a weird sheepish grin.  Who is that girl?  She usually talks non-stop! Did someone drug her?  icon smile The Hardest Blog Post Youll Ever Make

There's something jarring about writing the first post.  As if it will set the tone for all your future posts, your future success on the internet or in whatever business you're in, like it's the most important thing in the world… in this moment.

But it's not. 

It's just a beginning. 

It's just a pivotal moment or a non-moment.  Your choice.

Your first posts are not written in cement nor are they posted on the front page of the New York Times.  There's no test on the material and no one's grading you so RELAX already.  You can change them, delete them, edit them, comment on them, trash-talk them, hide your head in embarrassment about them, laugh about them, curse them, blog later about how lame your first posts were…

It's all good.

In the big picture of life, it's just a quick couple of paragraphs.  A miniscule event of little importance to the world or is it?

Think of the trillions of bits of information and insights and intuitions you have to share with the world.  Where is it all now? 

Is it hiding in the closet called "What will they think?" or "How will I look?"  I say, bust the doors down and let it all out, baby.

The wise and cool stuff will come.  The brilliant writing.  The hilarious and witty repartee with your readers.  The glistening gems of wisdom.  The deep, sacred insights more profound than any ever spoken… yep they'll come when you just chill out, laugh at yourself, take the plunge and write.  Once you trust yourself that you've been guided very clearly to start this little blog… you might just have some serious FUN with it and feel really good about yourself… just sayin'… 

It'll all come as you need it, now that you've finally just started your darn blog.


I feel better already. 

Comment, will ya, so I don't get a complex that no one will read it or want to hear me?  Comment if you think I'm a jerk or a wizard or anything in between.  Leave me your blogsite and I'll go check you out.



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